Kundalini Workshop mit Gurmukh and Gurushabd - EINZELTERMIN "THE AWAKENING CALL"
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Kundalini Workshop mit Gurmukh and Gurushabd - EINZELTERMIN "THE AWAKENING CALL"

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Datum: Mittwoch 10. April 2019

Uhrzeit: 19:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Location: Buttermelcherstr. 11, Rgb.

A Split Second – The Awakening Call

A student comes to a Kundalini Yoga class for the first time, and life is forever altered.  In one class you can have a Kundalini experience that will reveal possibility, destiny, and an inner knowingness faster than perhaps anything else.  In some ways similar to a near-death experience, the experience in a Kundalini Yoga class gets down to the bones so quickly, yet so safely and with absolute beauty.  
We shall transform our anger into innocence as we journey through the Earth, slipping off the cause and effect of karma so that we might come to realize ‘the wanting of nothing’ and that our only need is ourself.  Through Kundalini Yoga, Chanting, Meditating, Dancing, Breath Walking, Sweating, and Laughing, we shall understand without a doubt the words, “Let it be.”
Beachte bitte, dass es weitere Termine am 09. und 10. April gibt, die separat gebucht werden müssen! 


Die Buchung gilt als verbindliche Anmeldung zum Kurs bzw. zum Workshop. Bei Stornierung werden in jedem Fall 20% Bearbeitungsgebühr fällig. Storno nur gegen Gutschrift möglich. Bei Nichterscheinen ohne vorherige Absage verfällt der gezahlte Betrag zur Gänze.

The purchase of this product is considered a binding registration for the course. Prior cancellation means 20% processing fee becomes due. In case of no-show without prior cancellation, the complete fee will be kept in. No payback in cash!

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