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Jivamukti Yoga with Yogeswari

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In case you've missed Jivamukti Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher Yogeswari's visit in Munich this fall, you can still practice her classes and workshops from the first week of October 2020.

Since all events have been streamed online, we offer the recorded Zoom sessions until the end of this year.

You can either purchase the workshops as single itmes, buy all the classes as a bundle or go for the whole thing and get both the workshops plus all the classes (details below).

So what's in the box?


1. SATSANG / MEDITATION - recorded 07.10.2020
2. JIVAMUKTI CHARITY CLASS 60 min. for Azahar Foundation - recorded 07.10.2020 
3. JIVAMUKTI OPEN CLASS 90 min.  - recorded 07.10.2020
4. JIVAMUKTI OPEN CLASS 90 min. - recorded 08.10.2020
5. EXTENDED JIVAMUKTI OPEN CLASS 120 min. - recorded 09.10.2020,
6. JIVAMUKTI OPEN CLASS 90 min. - recorded 12.10.2020



The origins and context that lead to the creation of Jivamukti Yoga will be discussed, as well as its principal objectives and components. Asanas will focus on twists and inversions. Twists are very effective in helping us to detox from residual emotional and psychological obstacles, especially anger and depression. In order for twists to have a truly healing and balancing effect, it is important to apply precision in knowing which body parts are involved, and how. Inversions permit us to see the world upside down, thus developing greater tolerance and enhancing the breadth of our perception. The centers of higher consciousness are stimulated, and through a complete reversal of gravity, stagnant physiological processes are activated and rejuvenated.


Explore your creativity with sequencing asanas and receive feedback from your peers! Warming up with signature Jivamukti sequences, we will then analyze these sequences. Later, we will break into groups. Each group will create their own sequence, teach it to other participants and have an opportunity to receive feedback. 



After your purchase, an order confirmation will be sent to you automatically. You will also receive an extra email from SendOwl, our distributor for digital files. Both mails contain the links to your purchased files.

The offered videos are not specifically produced for the camera. They are recordings from Zoom live meetings.
The videos will, once purchased, be available until the end of the year 2020 (Dec 31st). 
The videos from the classes can be downloaded so you can take them with you on your device and practice as many times as you like, even when you're offline. Please be fair and do not copy or distribute the videos.
Streaming the videos of the workshops requires an active internet connection. The workshop videos cannot be downloaded. The stream will be available online until Dec 31st, 2020.

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